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  • Why I adopted Mastodon

    There is this strange phenomenon in India, where you are now expected to justify using a new social network and discontinuing with an older one. Many Twitter users, unhappy with Twitter, have chosen to create accounts on Mastodon instances. The discontentment with Twitter is hardly a recent thing. The network has been a hotspot for […]

  • Posting using Twitter api without permission

    There is this service called Tweet cloud, which analyses your tweets for keywords and creates a cloud with the most highly used ones. Pretty. interesting too. However, I find that when it posts a link to your cloud, it also posts an image of the cloud using twitpic. How does it login to twitpic to […]

  • The Kloutocalypse

    The Kloutocalypse

    Klout recently did an upgrade of their algorithm or crystal ball or whatever it is that they use. I lost about 15 points or so. as a result. My Klout score was 80 and it came down to 65. Curious, I looked around to see what exactly was happening. Outrage abounded, and I investigated further. […]

  • Fraudulent method of earning from Twitter

    So I read some article and decided to share it on Twitter. I used the button placed conveniently, and the popup box had several options to configure. It was distracting, and by the time I hit tweet, I realized that there was a checkbox pre-selected to enter me for an iPad giveaway. Like so: Please […]