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Nisarga is the name I gave a WordPress theme that would lead me into a new phase in my life as a web designer, just like Nisarga, my son took me into a new phase in life as a mother.

This WordPress theme is intended to work standalone, or as a parent theme. The current version, that you see on this blog is a very, very basic version. The layout is in place. that’s about it. Much, much more functionality is scheduled to happen.

Current features for version 0.2 Download nisarga-v0.2

  • css3 snimated slideshow with a javascript fallback. To use, simply insert the shortcode ["slideshow"] (without the quotes) and a slideshow of all the images attached to the post will automatically be inserted in its place.
  • A fancy social sharing shortcode. To use, simply insert the shortcode ["entry-share-links"] (again without the quotes) and you can see the result below, on this page.
  • This version also corrects a minor issue that could have created problems with the formatting of the top and bottom menus in older browsers with javascript disabled as well. Hopefully, this will not. However, if you have the famous IE6, do take a look and let me know.

version 0.1 Download nisarga-v0.1


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