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  • Does WordPress v5 aspire to be a static site? Gutenberg fail.

    I have been using WordPress for over a decade now, almost exclusively. I’ve had trouble, broken plugins, compatibility issues, white screens of death, and worse. Heck, I remember a time when one of the first things to try when inexplicable problems happened was to reinstall the core. Using FTP. But these were problems. Something people […]

  • Transposh translation filter and Yoast sitemaps compatibility

    Transposh translation filter and Yoast sitemaps compatibility

    Transposh Translation Filter is a seldom updated, but very useful plugin for running multilanguage sites on WordPress. It is free, it is very intuitive to use and so far, does not appear to slow the site down too much. You can find the plugin here. Due to some differences with WordPress, the version on WordPress […]

  • your ip has been flagged for security reasons – Jetpack

    So I was troubleshooting the configuration on my server and removed all non-essential code. This meant that the proxy was not forwarding the IP address of visitors to the backend. Imagine my surprise to try to login to post to the blog when I found access to admin blocked with “your ip has been […]

  • WordPress: Problem happened with plugin upgrade – can’t delete old files

    When you get an error like this while updating, check file ownership. Chances are that you edited something in the backend and the plugin or theme files now being owned by another user, cannot be deleted by the server. If you have terminal access as root, type: chown -R www-data:www-data /path/to/wordpress/* Where www-data is the […]