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  • HTML Tidy on Ubuntu

    Uh… this could have been a tweet instead of a post. in your terminal, paste: apt-get install php5-tidy Answer “y” when asked. Done. Just to make this last longer… if this doesn’t do the trick, you aren’t logged in as root. try: sudo apt-get install php5-tidy Restart Apache service apache2 restart Now, really, I’m done. […]

  • Pagespeed + Apache2 on Ubuntu Server

    I try and get all my installing done before I get into putting files on the server. So, if I wreck something and have to start over, I haven’t wasted a lot of upload and setting up time. This server I am describing runs Ubuntu Server and I am using it to run a few wordpress sites. […]

  • Configuring Varnish Cache for WordPress

    Oh, so you installed Varnish, what good will it do, if most of your content is not cached? I went for the “Preparing Varnish/Wordpress? for a Slashdotting in 60 seconds or less… ” code provided on the Varnish site. Its rather ruthless, but I’m not particularly attached to seeing the logged in version of my websites that […]

  • Fresh Server Install – Ubuntu Server Edition

    Your VPS offers you the possibility of a fresh installation, reinstall OS they call it. Do that. Use Ubuntu 10.10 Please note that I am no computer expert, I am telling you what worked for me. The default installation of Ubuntu doesn’t have locale set. You will get “locale failed” variety errors when you install […]