Hello beginners!

So, the beginning of yet another blog for me. I realize that I am fast learning a lot of things related with computers and servers and website design and functionality in particular. Thought I needed a place to document it.

Currently happening in my life is getting kicked out of a shared server, business hosting and even a VPS with no site active by a shady hosting company. Moving to a new server under extraordinary circumstances, I realized that I had better learn fast about how to run a server well. I had some experience running a test machine on my desktop Ubuntu, so, seeing as I felt horribly handicapped in understanding the Centos, WHM and CPanel thingy, I decided to run a Ubuntu Server Edition.

So, the next few posts will probably be about getting the server “right”.

I have a 90GB Hard drive, 1GB RAM Burstable to 2GB. I have 4 websites (and this new one). And possibly a few others, depending on whether the server sinks or swims. Traffic is nothing much, but can suddenly explode and subside if something catches people’s fancy.

If you are beginning a server from scratch, I think it might be useful to follow these from the ground up.






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