OpenVZ and UFW

So I found another problem area with the OpenVZ host and the Ubuntu Server. A good firewall is important for the safety of a server, but I, at least feel overwhelmed at the complexity and risk of messing things up very badly to directly touch iptables, and I have only done on rare occasions, and always worried.

UFW is a great and simple firewall application. Unfortunately if your server is on OpenVZ, you will not be able to use it out of the box because of the limited support for iptables. Here is a superb workaround in order to be able to use UFW on a Ubuntu host on OpenVZ. The instructions work well.

Will take you a while to do it all, but works like a charm, and the code is copy paste.

If, at the end of it, your installation of dependencies fails, and any further attempts to access repositories don’t work, DON’T PANIC. Simply disable and enable UFW and all should be well.




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