Salora Arya – an excellent phone for an unbeatable price

The Salora Arya is an incredible phone for an unbeatable price. It appears that they have saved the money from advertising to keep the price low, because I had never heard of the phone till I started comparing tech specs when I needed to buy one in a hurry.

It arrived in a neat box with efficient packaging that will take up minimal space to store (and thus I don’t have to throw it away – this wins points).

I will write a longer review later, but at a price of Rs.4,999/- here are the highlights.

  • Quad-core processor – it is FAST.
  • 5 MP main camera (8MP with software)
  • 2MP front camera (5MP with software – I really liked the photos from this)
  • Plenty of space to load apps (5GB or so free)
  • Touch screen that works like a dream (This matters to me – it is a long story for another time)

It does not LOOK cheap.

User reviews indicate that it may have a less than satisfactory battery backup, but I have not encountered that yet and not traveling much, I am rarely in a position to not be able to charge my phone, so even if true, this isn’t a deal breaker for me, at least.

If you are looking for a great phone at low cost, this is it: Arya A1 Plus (Black-Silver)

The links in this post are affiliate links. However, I am not in the business of recommending products I don’t believe in. This is what I purchased. It is the lowest price available.






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