Setting up live blogging that works with the latest version of WordPress

True to form, I want big things for my blog, but they aren’t easy. This time the idea came from a reader who wanted my commentary tweet series on current events to be done instead as a live blog, so that they could read all the ideas at once in one place and they would also remain easily accessible.

Great idea, except all the plugins I came across for live blogging were outdated and not working correctly with the latest WordPress, with the exception of 24liveblog, which I was not so keen on, as the content does not reside on my server, but theirs (though it is free and they promise never to take it down).

If you are fine with the content being hosted on another service, look no further, 24liveblog is good, and free and the resulting liveblog can be embedded on your site with a code provided.

I wanted to make the plugins work as I wanted the content to reside on my server AND I wanted it to make tweets linking to the post with each update.

So I have updated the live blogging plugin to fix several issues with tweets not getting posted to Twitter. You can download Live Blogging Plus it here.

The plugin is capable of delivering the live blog more efficiently using meteor, so I am planning to set up a meteor server for it to use. Stay tuned.

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7 responses to “Setting up live blogging that works with the latest version of WordPress”

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  2. Shubhankar Chatterji Avatar

    fan of yours madam, you woke up so early to setup a blog (even though its part of your work), amazing. Good Morning…!! 🙂

  3. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Avatar

    nice one. This for sharing

  4. Shashank Bharadwaj Avatar

    seriously do you actually sleep some time?

  5. Faheem Avatar

    Finally, u done it.

  6. Manish Kinhikar Avatar

    with ur ever changing crazy hairstyles expect call from spy agencies for ur gainful employment 🙂 so hard to identify you. :)) 007

  7. Alexander Gounder Avatar

    Hi Vidyut,

    Checkout this plugin called taggregator, which also a plugin we have by default on the WordCamp Website.

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